A conversation with nonvoters: Dislike of politics keeps them away from polls

In a series of video interviews, three nonvoters from different parts of the country explain how they came to be about the 40 percent of Americans who sat out the 2012 election and why it’s going to be difficult to woo them to the ballot box. Continue reading

Turning nonvoters into voters?

Many researchers have long believed that the reasons for not voting are more psychological than logistical, that lack of interest, lack of confidence a vote will pay off or active dislike of the political process or candidates was more of Continue reading

Disappointing candidates kept long-time voter away from polls

By Gabe Silverman Chester Orgeron – “Pessimist” Age 48 Hometown : Ponchatoula, La. Occupation: Full-time parent This year marked a first for Chester Orgeron: He did not vote in the presidential election. He just couldn’t bring himself to cast a Continue reading

Voting not a priority

By Natalie F. Jones Colleen Weeks – “Too Busy” Age 35 Hometown: Springfield, Mo. Occupation: Not working due to disability Colleen Weeks was in a car accident about 15 years that left her disabled, relying on friends and family to Continue reading

College student doesn’t worry about voting

By Jamie Coughlin Rachel Bradford — “Struggler” Age: 20 Hometown: Winter Park, Fla. Occupation: College student The Nov. 6 election was the first time Rachel Bradford could have cast a ballot to elect a president. Even though Bradford considers herself Continue reading

No voting excuses, just no interest in politics

By Jamie Coughlin Lauryn Pyke — “Tuned out” Age: 25 Hometown; Pocatello, Idaho Occupation: Graduate student Lauryn Pyke could have made a lot of excuses for not voting. She is a full-time student and a mother who has to balance Continue reading