Chester Orgeron – “Pessimist”

After voting in every presidential election he could, Chester Orgeron III finally had enough. The 48-year-old had lost faith in the federal government, he thought the country was headed in the wrong direction and he did not believe either presidential hopeful was fit for the job. Continue reading

Ronald Washington – “Too Busy”

Ronald Washington remembers a time when there were more jobs in his community. He says the streets need to be cleaned up and parks built.

When elected officials start addressing the concerns of citizens, he’ll participate in the political system. Continue reading

Jennifer Bradford – “Struggler”

On Nov. 6, 2012, millions stood in line to vote in the presidential election, but Bradford wasn’t among them. She was likely at home working on a school assignment in her sparsely lit office, taking breaks to play with her pair of Shih Tzus. Continue reading

Sara Poe – “Tuned Out”

As campaign news filled the airwaves last fall, 18-year-old Sara Poe was busy in her dorm room at Truman State University writing poetry and listening to music or working on homework. What she wasn’t doing was watching or reading the news about the impending presidential election. Continue reading

Derek Thompson – “Active Faithful”

Derek Thompson has been retired for about a year, but is getting restless. The 62-year-old former hairstylist and cosmetology instructor has hired an adviser, a former U.S. Senate aide, to help him figure out the first steps to getting involved in city government. Continue reading

Cassie Lawton – “Doer”

Continue reading