USA: Poll gives insight to U.S. election turnout.

03/12/2001 Reuters English News Service CHICAGO, March 12 (Reuters) – The 48 percent of U.S. voters who did not cast a ballot in the last presidential election stayed away for many reasons beyond a simple dislike of the choices, according Continue reading


Following are several key findings from the poll of voters and nonvoters in the 2000 election over the age of 18: Why NONVOTERS Stayed Home • 24% were not registered • 13% didn’t like the candidates • 8% were either Continue reading

2000 Poll Results Show Nonvoter Problem

Background The 2000 election turnout, at 51 percent, showed once again that nonvoting is a chronic problem in American society. The slight upturn in turnout from 1996’s record low 49 percent does not significantly reverse the generally steady downward trend Continue reading

2000 Poll Shows Negative View of Politics

2000 Report (download pdf) 2000 Report (Scribd) KEY FINDINGS For both younger and older non-voters, the behavior of politicians and the media perpetuate negative views toward politics and political participation. In a culture that does not emphasize political participation as Continue reading