Disappointing candidates kept long-time voter away from polls

By Gabe Silverman

Chester Orgeron – “Pessimist”
Age 48
Hometown : Ponchatoula, La.
Occupation: Full-time parent

Chester_Orgeron,_48This year marked a first for Chester Orgeron: He did not vote in the presidential election. He just couldn’t bring himself to cast a ballot for either candidate.

“Mitt Romney, I think he’s more or less for the rich folks and not for the lower-class people like me who don’t have a lot,” Orgeron said.

“And as far as (Barack) Obama, I think he’s out for himself and that’s it.”

As an independent, Orgeron voted for Republican John McCain in 2008 and had he voted this year, he would have supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Generally, he feels the country is headed in the wrong direction and sees current leadership as all talk with no action. “I know things can happen, but I’m just disappointed in the job that Obama has done and I don’t think Mitt Romney could have done any better.”

After graduating from a technical training high school, Orgeron worked as an auto mechanic until an accident ended his career in 1995. A car fell on him at work, paralyzing the left side of his face and throat.

After working his entire adult life, he now collects disability. Orgeron is a full-time single parent, raising the youngest of his five children. His wife died in 2003.

While he’s tuned into local news, Orgerson mostly ignore national media outlets. He doesn’t believe they tell the full story

Looking ahead, there seems to be one chance for America to right its ship, according to Orgeron: “As of right now, I’m not too hopeful, but if ever the day comes when we can get a woman as a president, now I might have a little hope.”

When asked his opinion on the most-mentioned potential female candidate in 2016, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Orgeron did not hesitate in his reply: “I would vote for her in a heartbeat.”

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